PATENT RIGHT-Shenzhen Sams AvTech sue ELITE screen for Patent Ifringement
July.14. 2017

Elite screen manufacturer 极品影视设备科技(深圳)有限公司failed to appeal to the Higher court of the People of Guangdong province over the case of infringement upon the Patent of “Practical and New pattern design” owned by Shenzhen SamsAVTech Co Ltd late last year.

The court announced their final Adjudication remain unchanged as the first trial held by the Middle court of the People of Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province. 极品影视设备科技(深圳)有限公司 Elite screen manufacturer was ordered to pay to the complainant (Shenzhen SamsAvTech Company Ltd)CNY300,000.00 to compensate the damages caused.

2015 September 23rd, Shenzhen SamsAvTech Co Ltd took Elite screen manufacturer 极品影视 to court in Shenzhen city upon a disputed over an infringement of patent right about “Practical and New pattern design” (Patent No. SL200720121430.4) This patent applied by Sams dated 2007 July 9th and was granted by the State Intellectual Property Office on 2009 January 21st.

The registered Patent covered the procedure of how the fabric fixes to a Fixed Frame screen which is including 4 sections. When the lawyer of Shenzhen Sams present to the court with evidence (Elite Fixed frame screen Model JER100WH1), the lawyer from 极品影视 agreed that the 7 types of ELITE fixed frame screen alleged to be infringed upon the Patent of design of Shenzhen Sams have same technical characteristic and made by 极品影视. The evidence also proved the website is running by 极品影视 and this website responses promotional and sales activities of products alleged to be involved with this court case.

After the hearing at Middle court of the People of Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, 极品影视 was found guilty. They disagreed with the sentence and appealed to the Higher court of the People of Guangdong province but failed at the end.

A spokesman of Shenzhen SamsAvTech Co Ltd disclosed that follow up action is going to take against ELITE screens for other products which might involved with patent infringement.