Production Line and Machine Upgrades
March.01. 2017

In rorder to save manufacturing costs, decrease labor intensity and increase prodction rate. SCREENPRO takes about three years to design and develop several machines. Finally these new machines have arrived.

One of our new Machines can fasten the buttons Semi-Auto which improved the stability and fastness of fabric buttons. It is better and faster than Man-Made. Meanwhile, it can save a lot of time and labors. With this new machine our production speed and fabric quality have made a great raise.

Standardized production is the only way to control the products quality and mechines can do it much better than Man-Made. To the button position errors, our mechine has an autoatic compensative fuction for it since the feedback device indicates the error and the control makes the necessary adjustment to bring the slide back to the right positions. So the customs do not need to worry when the fabric button can not fit the frame. This machine does not allow it happened.