General Administration of Customs China (GACC) No.56 [2017]
June.01. 2018

General Administration of Customs China (GACC) has released Order No.56 [2017] to adjust the Advanced Manifest rule (GACC advisory in to ensure smooth customs clearance and effectively strengthen customs’ implementation of safe entry and risk prevention for import and export goods into/from China. The rule is effective from 1st June 2018.


Full details of the Shipper and Consignee (or Notify Party if Consignee is To Order) must be provided. Due to this adjustment in policy, Non-China shipper/consignee/notify party's Enterprise code is required. Since different Enterprise codes are used in each country, please check and provide it. The format of Consignor, Consignee, and Notify party (when consignee is “TO ORDER”) shall include “Code Type+Enterprise Code”.


The procedure of new manifest adjustment does not lead to the disclosure of clients’ business sensitive information. Sensitive data items added to the manifest (except for the name of the consignee) shall not be shown on the bill of lading issued by the carrier. After the manifest is sent to the customs, the customs staff must protect the trade secrets and secrets relevant to customs work in accordance with the law.

新舱单调整的流程不会导致客户的商业敏感信息被公开。承运人签发的提单并不会显示这些新增至舱单的敏感数据项 (收货人名称除外)。舱单发送至海关后,海关工作人员依法须保护商业秘密和海关工作秘密。