Product: KINGLUX Fixed Frame Screen
Color: Black / White / Wooden
Available Ratio: 1:1 / 16:9 / 16:10 / 4:3 / 2.35:1
Packing Size: See below
Projection: Front / Back
Installation: Wall
Available Screen Surface: MW / MT / MF / RL / TW / YL / 3D / TT
Gain: 1.2
Available View Width: ≤ 2990mm
Available View Height: ≤ 2300mm
Diagonal: 70" - 300"
Frame wide: 90mm
Available Dimensions:

W ≤ 4428mm

H ≤ 3048mm

Overview Dimension Surface PDF

Hand wrapped black velvet aluminum frame.

Sliding rail installation structure, convenient adjusting horizontally to get a center point, easy installation.

Patented Fabric-fixing structure. (PN. ZL200720121430.4)

Functions & Features:

1. Patented free position fabric fixing structure.( PN: ZL200720121430.4)Simple, practical and easy to fix the screen fabric, accomplish a prefect flatness

of screen surface. Satisfied professional and HiFi-level users.

2. Aviation grade aluminum frame wrapped with black velvet by handmade to ensure perfect appearance without roughness. The black velvet frame

eliminates stray light effectively, dust proof and good touching feel.

3. Reinforced corner connector made of 4mm Steel plate and covered with plastic material, guarantees the complete frame would not distort for the lifetime.

4. Sliding rail installation structure. No rigorous position is requiring fixing the hanging bracket.It allows the screen move L&R freely to get a center point,

save your time and work during installation.