Product: ZERGION Motorized Tension Screen
Color: Anodized Alouminium
Available Ratio: 1:1 / 16:9 / 16:10 / 4:3 / 2.35:1
Effective distance: 60m in open area
Projection: Front / Back
Installation: Wall / Hoisting
Available Screen Surface: MT / HT / MF / RL / TW / YL / 3D / TT
Gain: 2.0
Available View Width: Custom
Available View Height: Custom
Diagonal: Custom
Black Masking Top: Custom
Black Masking Left/Right: Custom
Black Masking Bottom: Custom
Frequency: 868Mhz
Voltage: AC 90V~240V
Overview Dimension Surface PDF

Functions & Features:

1. This is a up-winding construction screen.

2. The motor retracts or release steel wires through 2 individual pulleys left and right which connected with the bottom rolling tube to operate the screen.

3. By retracting the steel wires, the bottom rolling tube will wind up the screen from bottom to top.

4. The motor must be installed firmly to the ceiling without any movement.

5. The pulleys left and right must be installed firmly to the ceiling without any movement.

6. Multi-point suspension with Φ 5mm steel wire to hold the upper tube horizontally.

7. To adjust the bottom rolling tube at a level condition, technician may loosen the motor and move it left or right to adjust the level.

8. Make sure to tighten the motor after adjustment.