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JAMPO Series Motorized Tensioned ALR Screen For Long Throw Projector

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 ALR screen for long-throw projector

New Generation of Micro Prism ALR Screen by SCREENPRO® 



New Generation Image 

Quality Engine

It reproduces bright and vivid pictures with 8K image quality even the tiny details since its high color reproduction when use the 100''-220'' new generation long throw microprism ALR screen. It has a perfect wide viewing angle of 178° and no need to worry about the ambient light interference even with light on or ambient light around.


Micro-Prism ALR Screen

Around 90% Ambient light from different direction will be absorbed or reflected by the high-contrast projection film layer and micro-prism reflection layer in the 500LX ambient light environment.  You can enjoy the same image effect as dark environment to protect our eyes from eyestrain or unconfortable from dark to bright environment. 


Pure Flat Surface  

Eliminate the Horizontal Stripes

Flatness will be the most important factor for tensioned screen. Compared with traditional electric screen on the market, SCREENPRO® adpots special tensioned design and easy adjustment to reach high flatness request and satisfy the viewing effect to consumers.


Wireless Remote Control 

Noiseless Retraction

SCREENPRO® R&D R8 control system, bulit-in 868MHz wireless remote control, easy to operate. Silent motor pass through by UL,CE and 3C certification which is smooth up, down with low noise.  



Quick Installation

Independently movable mounting bracket, the whole installation process can be completed by one person independently. Fix the brackets to the wall or ceiling first, hang the screen on it and adjusted the position before lock it. 





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Motorized Tensioned ALR Screen - TJ

Technical Parameters


Remarks: Different sizes and different housing sizes. Please consult your sales consultant for details.

The above parameters are for reference only and are subject to change without notice. Please refer to the actual size.

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