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Tab Tension Screen - In ceiling

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Model: TR****8KR
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Functions & Features:

1. Quiet system technology. The power system operates with low noise motor to drive the double connecting rod support structure behind the screen.

2. Perfect flatness and no deformation. Both the spring tension and motor tension of this structure provide optimal state of the screen, to protect the screen fabric will not be distorted during lifting and lowering to ensure the its flatness.

3.Intelligent control system. Equipped with wireless remote control and manual control, ensures easy and quick operation and debugging.

4.Hidden installation. Hidden ceiling installation leave the necessary space for TV.

5.Noble appearance design. Elegant aluminum casing coated with anti-UV Piano paint and hidden cable storage can further improve the overall nice and protect the wire. 

6.Easy and quick installation. Patented structure design saves the installation time, energy and money.


Standard configuration projection screen:


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Tab Tension Screen - In ceiling

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