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Electric ALR Floor Screen for UST Projector

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Model: AD****SPR
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Screen for Living Room

Electric ALR Floor Screen for UST Projector

T Prism ALR Screen by SCREENPRO®



New Screen for Living Room

If you don't want a fixed frame screen or ceiling mount electric screen, then the Electric ALR floor screen will be ideal option. 4K ultra-hd imaging, even if used in the bright living room during the day, can also experience the bright, vivid picture, electric screen structure design, can be hidden installation, do not take up the living room space. 


What is T Prism?

The fabric is made up of trapezoids structure which separate the reflecting surface & Absorbing surface. By rejecting ambient light from directly above, and perpendicular to the screen, T Prism accurately reproduces bright, colorful images, offering ideal image quality and enhanced contrast in any application. 


3D Nano - beschichtung

The surface is coated with 3D nano-beschichtung which combines the contrast and gain perfectly reaching 20000:1 cinema standard. When the SCREENPRO® T-prism anti-light screen is compared with normal matte white screen, the picture comes alive and maintains the contrast of the projector.


Unboxing to Operate

No need to install, you can move it at will. It supports floor mount style,hidden a variety of display ways, suitable for home theater and high-end mobile conference, mobile display. 



R8 Built-in Wireless Control

The R8 control system independently developed by SCREENPRO®. It is equipped with 868MHz  remote control, which is convenient and fast to operate and supports limit adjustment. The quiet tubular motor, which is with UL, CE and 3C certification passed, operates smoothly with low noise.


User Friendly

Silent tubular motor drives double v-shaped structure bracket, with uniform force, to avoid stretching deformation of the fabric, and the use of infrared automatic induction, anti-clamping hand device, in the process of closing and closing in case of obstacles, automatic stop, safe and reliable.





Electric ALR Floor Screen for UST Projector

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The above parameters are for reference only and are subject to change without notice. Please refer to the actual size.

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