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Fixed Frame Screen - curved

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Model: FC****TWB
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Functions & Features:

1. Matte silver aluminum exterior, stylish and elegant. (PN: ZL200730171721.x)Inner black color extra frame to eliminate stray light of the projection image.

2. Patented free position fabric fixing structure. (PN: ZL200720121430.4)Simple, practical and easy to fix the screen fabric, accomplish a flat screen surface. Satisfied professional and HiFi-level users.

3. Super flatness surface, accomplished clear image and full color reproduction.

4. Sliding rail installation structure. No rigorous position is requiring fixing the hanging bracket.

It allows the screen move L&R freely to get a center point, save your time and work during installation

Product Type: Fixed Frame Screen
Frame:90mm frame screen
Available Ratio:1:1 / 16:9 / 16:10 / 4:3 / 2.35:1
Fabric Type:MD / MH / HJ / HG / 3D Fabric
Projection: Front / Rear
Color:Black or other colors




Standard configuration projection screen:


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Fixed Frame Screen - curved Parameters Table.pdf

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