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AZ Series T-Prism Optical Projection Screens ALR Screen For UST Projector

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Model: AZ****SPB
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T Prism Anti-Light  No limitation 

Special optical structure rejecting ambient light from directly above, and perpendicular to the screen. T Prism accurately reproduces bright, colorful images, and maintains the contrast of the projector. 


Home Cinema 

Available in standard diagonals up to 150'' in 16:9/16:10. With a nearly perfect viewing angle of 178 degrees, our T Prism ALR screen is capable of being viewed from extreme off axis positions. Super thin frame and LED light makes it perfect for home cinema.  


What is T Prism?

The fabric is made up of trapezoids structure which separate the reflecting surface & Absorbing surface. By rejecting ambient light from directly above, and perpendicular to the screen, T Prism accurately reproduces bright, colorful images, offering ideal image quality and enhanced contrast in any application. 


3D Nano - beschichtung

The surface is coated with 3D nano-beschichtung which combines the contrast and gain perfectly reaching 20000:1 cinema standard. When the SCREENPRO® T-prism anti-light screen is compared with normal matte white screen, the picture comes alive and maintains the contrast of the projector. 


Unique Fabric Tension design

user friendly

All aluminum structure, reinforced corner seamless butt joint, high strength, light weight, totally diffirent to the traditional spring fixed screen, innovative sliding button installation design, saving time and effort, simple and practical, convenient and fast. 


Ultra-Thin LED Power Supply

The backlight is the LED lamp which can switch colors, flicker and change gradually to meet your needs in any scene atmosphere. Already passed UL, CE and 3C certification, and has its own safety protection function. It can be hidden and installed behind the screen without increasing the screen thickness. 





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Home Cinema Fixed Frame ALR Screen - AZ

Technical Parameters




(WxH)LBDocking size  (W1xH1xL1)No docking size (W1xH1xL1)Docking size No docking sizeDocking size No docking size
16:9100"2214x12452229 1260 315x140x1500260x140x231423.55 23.11 51.91 50.95 
120"2657x14952672 1510 315x140x1750260x140x275726.48 26.10 58.38 57.55 
133"2944x16562959 1671 315x140x1911260x140x304428.45 28.12 62.71 61.98 
150"3320x18683335 1883 315x140x2123260x140x342031.08 30.82 68.51 67.95 
16:10100"2154x13462169 1361 315x140x1601260x140x225425.45 24.81 56.12 54.70 
120"2585x16162600 1631 315x140x1871260x140x268528.11 27.51 61.97 60.66 
133"2865x17902880 1805 315x140x2045260x140x296529.90 29.35 65.92 64.70 
140"3230x20203245 2035 315x140x2275260x140x333032.35 31.84 71.32 70.19 
2.35:1100"2337x9942352 1009 315x140x1261260x140x243722.31 22.21 49.18 48.96 
119"2781x11832796 1198 315x140x1483260x140x288124.39 24.44 53.76 53.87 
126"2945x12532960 1268 315x140x1565260x140x304525.28 25.28 55.74 55.73 
133"3108x13233123 1338 315x140x16467260x140x320825.98 26.14 57.28 57.62 


The above parameters are for reference only and are subject to change without notice. Please refer to the actual size.

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