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What's so amazing about anti-light screen?

Thanks to the breakthrough of ultra short focus projection technology, the exposure of four words of "laser TV" increased exponentially.In front of hisense, changhong and other traditional TV brands actively, and then has a Internet brand such as millet, see is to join, and benq, nuts, very vigorously into the projector manufacturers such as manpower, financial resources focus on mining laser TV market, high brightness, large size, long life, high color laser TV inherent advantages.But today we are not talking about laser TV, but the important but often overlooked component of laser TV - anti-light screen.

The laser TV is composed of a reflective super short focal projector with an anti-light screen of more than 100 inches.In addition, as more and more people are buying laser TV around, many friends are also consulting the issue of curtain, and today I will talk to you about the anti-light screen what is the magic weapon.

Special physical structures overcome the interference of ambient light

According to the principle of anti-light screen, some use physical structure to achieve anti-light effect, also use optical coating to achieve anti-light.But either way, its essence is to overcome the interference of ambient light on the image and to reflect more of the projected light into the user's eyes.

Schematic diagram of anti-light screen principle

Laser TV are put above the TV ark to oblique projection, penetrate between the light and screen Angle is small, the environmental light is centered on the screen from all directions, so the Angle between them is bigger, resistance to light curtain is in using the projection Angle different, through the unique optical structure environment fully reflect or absorb light, at the same time with screen Angle is close to most of the ambient light reflection to the vertical perspective imaging.

The laser TV equipped with anti-light screen can ensure that users can safely watch movies in the bright living room. At present, the brightness performance of many entry-level laser TV is still lacking. If it is simply projected onto the white wall, it will be insufficient to use it in the daytime with sufficient ambient light.Therefore, it is recommended to buy or prepare to buy laser TV friends, anti-light screen must be necessary, it can effectively enhance your use experience during the day.

Generally speaking, anti-light screen actually has a lot of scientific and technological content. To achieve good anti-light effect while increasing the contrast to bring ideal picture quality effect, special physical structure or optical coating should be studied.At present, the domestic market does not have many shanzhai anti-light screen, even if there are cheap imitation products, the effect will be greatly discounted.Therefore, the author does not suggest that consumers buy anti-light screen, it is better to buy the anti-light screen with the brand of the factory.


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