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RL-Rear Projection Screen Fabric-

 Glass fiber 3D fabricRLͼ.jpg

Fabric Specs

RL is a screen material specially designed and developed for back-projection applications. Due to its excellent light penetration and extended light properties, RL can show a good degree of color reduction and a better perspective. It can be folded, usually used for fixed frame screen and quick fold screen and tension screen. It is specially developed for edge fusion, which can effectively eliminate the edge differences of multiple projectors.Suitable for the place where many projectors project large pictures.It has high gain performance and is suitable for places with environmental light source.Places such as clubs, restaurants, trade fairs, meeting rooms, trade fairs and outdoor exhibitions.The multi-functional fabric design can make the image distribution wider and more uniform, with good color reduction and contrast, effectively eliminate the sense of visual fatigue, and enable the audience to watch the wonderful image.

Fabric Parameter



1.The flame proof is judged according to the safety level of France NF p92-507.

2.A- Washing refers to cleaning the screen surface with a mixture of ethanol (7%) and ether (3%).

   B-Wash with kitchen detergent and water.

( Attention: All screen surfaces should not be cleaned with acidic detergent )

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