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TW-Acoustic Transparency Screen Fabric

· Acoustic Transparent Woven fabric 



Fabric Specs:

TW Woven sound transparent fabric is a special Angle of interlacing network system material which is with good color reduction and uniform spread. The interlacing technology of special angles gives the sound of an embedded sound peculiar penetration and eliminates the Moore effect visually.This kind of interlacing net braid material with special Angle can not only present the intense image middle tone, but also can restore the original color of the projector to the audience and bring better visual effect.It is more effective for home theater and commercial applications.

Fabric Parameter :



1.The flame proof is judged according to the safety level of France NF p92-507.

2.A- Washing refers to cleaning the screen surface with a mixture of ethanol (7%) and ether (3%).

   B-Wash with kitchen detergent and water.

( Attention: All screen surfaces should not be cleaned with acidic detergent )

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