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How does T-Prism material work?


Available for a variety of ambient lighting conditions, the UST(Ultra-Short Throw) Laser Light Source Projector can be positioned at the front of a room like a TV, creating sumptuous 8K images up to 150" with no shadows.

ALR(ambient light-rejecting) surface technology can be made into a tensioned motorized retractable screen, and supports UST(ultra-short-throw) ceiling mount projection. 

Effectively absorbs ambient light and boosts contrast, and the vivid picture is not interfered with by ambient light. Whether it is day or night, turning on or off the light can give you a bright viewing experience, the picture is clear, and the black is deeper, The colors are more vivid, the contrast of the picture is improved, and the layering of the picture is greatly improved. The perfect light diffusion can bring an ultra-wide viewing angle of 178 ° and share.



T-prism ultra-short-focus anti-light screen, using special trapezoidal optical physical structure, automatically separates the natural light and ultra-short-focus projector light, and absorbs ambient light on the light-absorbing surface by about 92% to achieve anti-ambient light function.Using the multi-layer directional coating technology of the reflective surface, the projection screen contrast, color reproduction, gain ratio, and angle of view are optimally combined, and nearly 85% of the projector's light is reflected to the human eye, so that the viewer can view it under natural light. Watching the effect in a day and night environment, even in bright living rooms, it still presents 8K Ultra HD.



Available Products

1602471813310773.jpg  宾至场景3-1.jpg  窄边场景1-1.jpg  尊宝场景2-111.jpg

Applicable Products: Motorized tensioned ALR Screen(AK. AJ. AB), Motorized Floor Rising ALR Screen (AD)Home Cinema Fixed Frame ALR Screen (AZ),Special In-Ceiling tensioned ALR Screen (AR)

Applicable environment: Use in Complex Environment Lighting (500Lx) environment

                                                 (sunlight accompanied by indoor light, spotlight, etc).

Matched Projector: short throw and Ultra Short Throw (UST) projector (Throw Ratio < 1.0)

Applicable Places: High-end home Theater, bright environment


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