Long-Focus Projection

Complex Environment Lighting

Ambient Lighting

Theater Mode Lighting

Short-Focus Projection

 Fixed Screen 

Hard Screen

Audiophile Screen

Woven sound transparent Screen

Super- Micro Hole Trans Screen



SCREENPRO Exclusively Produced

SP-T-Prism ALR Fabric for UST Projector

Applicable environment: use in Complex Environment Lighting (500Lx) environment (sunlight accompanied by indoor light, spotlight, etc).

Matched Projector:Short throw and Ultra Short Throw (UST) projector (Throw Ratio< 1.0)

MC-8K Mirror Brilliant Coating Screen

Applicable environment: use in Ambient Lighting (300Lx) environment (general residential lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting, etc).
Matched Projector:4K/8K short throw projector, long throw projector (Throw Ratio >0.4)

SL-8K Soft Light Screen

Applicable environment: use in Theater Mode Lighting (50Lx) environment(shimmering, lights out).
Matched Projector:4K/8K short throw projector, long throw projector

 (Throw Ratio >0.4)

TS-8K Super-Micro Perforated Trans Soft Light Screen

For home theater Acoustic Transparency Screen

Applicable environment: use in Theater Mode Lighting (50Lx) environment(shimmering, lights out).

Matched Projector:4K/8K short throw projector, long throw projector 

(Throw Ratio >0.4)


Sams AV-Tech Screen Pro has been on the market for over 20 years. With the business growing up and higher-end equipment demands, we increase investment in production facilities, owing 10,000sqm of factory and warehouse, more than 1000sqm of offices and showroom. 

Moreover, all the production machine were created and designed by our engineers to meet our high quality production request, even raw material R&D will also their important job to do. Craftsmanship is what our engineers doing. United with professional sales team and marketing development to offer our customers the best products and projector screen solutions.

Our wide range of products, from T-Prism motorized ambient light rejection screen to thin edge fixed, indoor and outdoor quick-fold screen in various configurations, to projection surface applications, constitutes an offer to prove quality with constantly visual technological solutions.

Bring on the challenge, and go BIG!

Laser TV "health eye protection" has been confirmed by the national authority!Recently, ophthalmologists from the China institute for standardization of electronic technology of China and Beijing union medical college hospital

Whether it is day or night, turning on or off the light can give you a bright viewing experience, the picture is clear, and the black is deeper,


ScreenPro will provide as accurate information as possible on this website. The pictures of the products involved in this website may be slightly different from the real ones. The effect diagrams and schematic diagrams are for reference only (the pictures are composite pictures and simulated demo pictures). For the appearance (including but not limited to color) of the ScreenPro products, please use the real ones as quasi.

* Limited by space, the information contained in this website/page (including but not limited to product specifications, functional descriptions, parameters, etc.) may be incomplete, please refer to the specific information about the product instruction manual.


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