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Sams AV-Tech SCREENPRO® has been on the market for over 20 years. With the business growing up and higher-end equipment demands, we increase investment in production facilities, owing 10,000sqm of factory and warehouse, more than 1000sqm of offices and showroom.

Moreover, all the production machines were created and designed by our engineers to meet our high-quality production request, even raw material R&D will also their important job to do. Craftsmanship is what our engineers doing. United with a professional sales team and marketing development to offer our customers the best products and projector screen solutions.

History of the company


Aug. 2020

Launched the high-contrast version of the anti-light optical screen of the laser projector


Dec. 2019

Introduced the second generation of large-size T-prism 180-inch electric anti-light


Oct. 2018

SCREENPRO launched the world's largest ultra-short throw electric anti-light screen, and the 150-inch diagonal size breaks a new record for anti-light screen.


Sept. 2017

The first-generation T-prism anti-light curtain independently developed and manufactured by SCREENPRO was successfully tested.


May 2016

SCREENPRO launched a 0.2mm microporous sound-transmitting technology screen, opening up a new experience of combining sound and video.


Mar. 2015

SCREENPRO launched a full-screen ultra-narrow frame screen, innovative installation methods, fast and efficient, full-screen vision, comprehensive performance far beyond the industry level, and passed 2 patent certifications.

Dec. 2015

The SCREENPRO 8K screen was successfully tested, and the first 8K tensioned electric screen was introduced to the market, which comprehensively improved the image quality and anti-light performance.


Apr. 2014

SCREENPRO 3D optical projection screen was successfully developed and successfully launched into the market.


Aug. 2013

SCREENPRO Shenzhen Sams Science and Technology Park was put into use, and the first fully automatic coating production line independently designed and built was successfully put into production. The products are sold well in North America, Europe, Asia, and Southeast Asia countries and regions.


Jun. 2012

The 36x12m project of Zhuhai Gaolan Port was successfully completed and put into use.


Nov. 2011

The self-designed and constructed seamless curtain splicing line was put into use.


Jul. 2010

SCREENPRO launched a concealed ceiling screen with manual lifting device, and obtained 2 invention and utility model patent certifications.


Aug. 2009

The company has passed ISO9001 quality system certification.


Jun. 2008

SCREENPRO released the JAMPO™ and KINGLUX™ series of tensioned motorized screens version, ink-free black border technology, Rohs, UL environmental certification, environmental protection, and aldehyde-free.


Sept. 2007

BENZ, JAMPO™, KINGLUX™ and other series of products have passed CE, UL, 3C safety certification, and are safe and stable.


Jun. 2006

SCREENPRO launched a fast folding screen completely independently designed and manufactured, which is small in size, light in weight, high in strength, efficient and quick to install, and has passed 5 national patent certifications.

May. 2006

SCREENPRO launched a completely independent and innovative design of the flat frame screen, seamless splicing, sliding button installation, worry-free and convenient, and passed 2 patent certifications.


Jul. 2005

Sams Audiovisual Technology was established.

Sept. 2005

SCREENPRO launched the first built-in remote control electric screen






Our wide range of products, from T-Prism motorized ambient light rejection screen to thin edge fixed, indoor and outdoor quick-fold screen in various configurations, to projection surface applications, constitutes an offer to prove quality with constantly visual technological solutions.

Solutions for cinema screen from 90 ” to 800+” and optical nano last coating technology with perforations can be offered. The products are widely used in the movie theater, home cinema, event, gallery, museum, educational field, etc.

Bring on the challenge, and go BIG!

Company advantages

Unique and innovative display technologies

10+ year R&D experience in optical screens

CE/UL certified solutions

Patented technologies

Exporting to over 95 countries

Global trade reseller networks

End customers range from government to global brands

Solutions for both commercial and domestic markets

Service excellence accredited by customer testimonials

Quality control

QA quality assurance

At SAMS, we focus on process design and optimization before product production. For all products, we will go through hundreds of test runs before putting them on the market.

SQE supplier management

SCREENPRO selects, evaluates, and develops qualified suppliers, and stabilizes the supplier's product quality and management through the performance assessment of the supplier's incoming materials.

QC quality inspection

Control the comprehensive inspection mode of incoming material inspection, first article inspection, process self-inspection/mutual inspection, process inspection, and finished product inspection to ensure product quality.

100% high standard of quality

Products have undergone multiple safety tests, including electrical safety (withstand voltage, ground resistance test) testing, RoHS testing, organic polymer testing, etc., and they can only leave the factory if they are 100% qualified.


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