Universal Wireless Projector Trigger


  • Uses the projector's power to send a wireless radio frequency signal to your screen
  • No 12V trigger output is required from the projector
  • The perfect solution for projectors without a 12V trigger output.(*works only with SCREENPRO projection screens)
  • Control distance range, up to 10m
  • Operates in either 110 volts or 220 volts
  • Compatible Products: SCREENPRO 868 series
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Projector triggered screen

A small change.

A big impact.


Sync your projector(sync-trigger), and make your home smart the way you like. A small universal device that can synchronize your projector on and off along with the screen surface going down and up. No need to consider with or without the trigger port.

How to Sync Your Projector and Screen Without Any Wires?

Wireless Sync-Trigger. So-called Synchronizer. Which synchronizes your screen along with the projector operation the appearance and retracting of the projection screen will be synchronized with the on and off of the projector(*Sync Trigger(add-on option) only applies to the SCREENPRO® series product)

Controls your projector and screen together, and see a new way to sync both of them. Once the projector powers on, the trigger commands the projection screen to drop down from the casing. Power the projector off and the screen retracts back into the casing.



Applicable series:
SCREENPRO® motorized screen B series(partials)
SCREENPRO® motorized screen D series
SCREENPRO® motorized screen J series
SCREENPRO® motorized screen R series 




*Please pay attention to the order of connections as the 2 sides(socket side/plug side) of the Synchronizer need to be learned separately.


Q: How To Set Up Pairing?


Step 1: Connect the Synchronizer socket side with the projector's power cable(ensure the power is on).
Step 2: Press the Learning button at the cap of the screen for a few seconds until the screen surface automatically goes up and  down
Step 3: Press the synchronizer's "Learn" button until the screen surface runs up and down once, and then release.
Step 4: Connect the Synchronizer plug side to the projector.
Step 5: Press the Learn button on the Synchronizer until the Indicator Light flashes and the screen surface automatically goes up and down once.
The code learning is completed.



Q: What if my projector uses a different type of socket head(ex: Plum Blossom Tail Power Cord)?

SCREENPRO: Conversion plug will do





Adjustable Projector Mount
Adjustable Projector Mount
Adjustable Projector Mount

Can I buy a small screen material sample?

Yes, you can buy a screen material sample by clicking Yes, you can buy a screen material sample by clicking HERE.

How many types of projection screens do you produce?

Our factory mainly produces motorized projection screen, tensioned projection screen, fixed frame screen, folding screen, big size projection screen, etc. HERE.

Can I customize the size?

Yes, the size can be customized from 60 inches to 500 inches plus. HERE.

Do all types of projection screens have a warranty&How long do you offer for after-sales services?

12 months, for all types of the projection screen and we do provide lifetime maintenance, but you bear all cost.quipment, we will give you the right plug. HERE.

What's your shipping way?

Usually, we ship by DHL in HK, but considering the inconsistent shipping fee in different countries, we will ship byFedEx, UPS, TNT, etc...

Airline and Ocean transportation; You can choose the shipping way you prefer. HERE.


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