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"Black Border" which in this case referring the area appears above/below the projected image (value B1). You might have a particular wall or ceiling has a special height, adjust to a desired value helps centers the sight line of your screen.

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British plug-CT1

Applicable areas: UK and Ireland, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, India, etc.

Australian plug-CT2

Applicable areas: China, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, etc.

American plug-CT3

Applicable areas: United States, Canada, Philippines, South Korea, etc.

European plug-CT4

Applicable areas: Used in European countries such as Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Russia, etc.

Japanese plug-CT5

Applicable areas: Japan, etc.

South African plug-CT6

Applicable areas: Africa, etc.

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110~130V: United States, Canada, Panama, Cuba, Lebanon, Mexico, Japan (100V), North Korea

220~230V: China, UK, Germany, France, China, Singapore, Hong Kong (200V), Italy, Spain, Greece, Austria, Netherlands, Philippines, Thailand, Norway, Singapore, India, New Zealand, Australia

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Wireless Sync-Trigger

So-called Synchronizer, suitable for projectors without triggering out jack, which synchronizes your screen along with the projector operation, the appearance and retracting of the projection screen will be synchronized with the on and off of the projector. Control your projector and screen together, see a new way to sync both of them. Once the projector powers on, the trigger commands the projection screen drops down from the casing. Power the projector off and the screen retracts back into the casing. ( *Sync Trigger only compatible to the SCREENRPO series 868mhz product)

Manual Switch

Allow Up/Down electric screen control from the flip or flick of a button. Easy connection via the built-in RS485 input, Connects via Cat5 network cable to screenpPro screens electric models with RJ-45 input (cable not included)

(*only compatible to the SCREENRPO series 868mhz product)

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FORMAT, the so-called aspect ratio is a measurement unit to calculate the Width and Height relevancy for any screen and Aspect ratio specially used for finding and describing the dimensions of the rectangular and other screen shapes. Aspect ratios are shown in mathematical expressions as Width: Height format. For example, an LCD tv screen size 24 inches in width and 16 inches in height would be an aspect ratio of 24:16 when we divide this equation from the lowest common factor which is 4 thus we get the 6:4 aspect ratio.

NTSC or Video Format screens
Cinemascope or Anamorphic Format screens
HDTV Format screens
Wide Format screens
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Black Velvet
Wood Grain
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Flat fixed frame

Un-assembled arrives in a much smaller box. making logistics concerns of a thing of the past, and allowing for easy and simplified transport. For the un-assembled option, there is some assembly required and maximum screen sizes are much larger

urved permanent fixed frame

Based on the feature of eyeball to achieve high definition, and balance the focus of screen with purpose of achieving perfect effect between screen image and visual experience.


When you receive your screen, it arrives ready to take out of the box and hang on the wall. Please pay extra attention to the transportation size! If you have a tight stair corner, you might have to use a lifting gear up from the ground or roof.

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LED strip backlight kit colorful glow effect you can choose from multiple preset scene modes, watch a movie with dynamic colors emitting from every corner of your screen, reducing the eyestrain caused by differences in picture brightness from scene to scene in movies, shows, and games.

Mounting bracket

Is a spring bracket auto-lock system for the SCREENPRO fixed frame screen, used for fast and secure mounting the bottom of the screen onto the wall, made of aluminum material (not sharp), lightweight, perfectly supporting projection screen.

Mounting bracket

Foldable center support bar

The center support bar supplies extra sustain on the back of the frame, to keep the image from deformation. Compare to a sliding fixed bar, the foldable one provides more flexibility, inserts the bar into the slot, and swings the joint elbow to the side, easily narrows down to a one-man job.

This bar is recommended when you are using an inflexible fabric material.

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Standard T
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This skirt is a high-quality velour that is pleated, washable, and fire retardant. The skirt is used to block the lower portion of the screen. It can be used to hide anything from packing crates to collateral material to be distributed after your presentation.

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No other tools are required. Provide extra support through the whole system with a minimum of effort.

*Only compatible to the SCREENRPO Adjustable leg product

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Quick fold screen case with wheels which can be thrown into your car or transported on a plane.

SCREENPRO Quick fold screen hand bag is a customized canvas bag with a zippered closure and top carry handles.

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