Self-Rising ALR Screen - LD
Self-Rising ALR Screen - LD
Self-Rising ALR Screen - LD
Self-Rising ALR Screen - LD
Self-Rising ALR Screen - LD

Self-Rising ALR Screen - LD

Motorized Floor Rising Screen With Ambient Light Rejection Material

【For Standard Throw Long-focus/Normal-throw Laser Projectors】

  • Tab-tensioned screen for environments with ambient light
  • A stunning solution for high ambient light environments 
  • Deliver self-explanatory images even in brightly lit surroundings
  • Low noise retraction
  • Manual and RF/IR remote control operation
  • Available screen size up to 150 inches seamless



SCREENPRO floor rising screen in different ratioSCREENPRO floor rising screen in different ratio

SCREENPRO floor rising screen in front of window

When The Curtain Rises,

It's Showtime!

A new way to open your private home theater in seconds. Unboxing to operate. No need to install it, you can move it at will. It supports floor mount style, hidden in a variety of display ways, with no more holes in the wall.

SCREENPRO motorized floor rising screen

Why Choose ALR Screen

Unlike normal standard white fabric, the ALR screen carries vivid high-definition images regardless of ambient light, the optical material technology allows it to display true image brightness, color saturation, and contrast for superior picture performance.

Projector triggered motorized screen rolling down

Brighter Image on Motorized ALR Screen

Ambient light rejecting screen for Long/Normal throw projectors. SCREENPRO anti-light material enhances the contrast of the image, suitable display the image with a certain light distraction.

SCREENPRO ALR screen features description

Found “Sweet Spot”

At a generous 178-degree viewing angle, everyone in the room gets the best seat in the house and enjoys the family movie night or game night with the crowd.

SCREENPRO ALR screen features description

Remote Adjustment

Set your screen height on your remote



SCREENPRO ALR screen features description

Stable and Reliable

Duo V-shaped Arm With Unique Spherical Bearing. Ground-rising structure coordinates with silent tubular motor drives a double v-shaped structure bracket, with uniform force, to avoid stretching deformation of the fabric. The quiet tubular motor, which has UL, CE, and 3C certifications passed, operates smoothly with low noise.

Projector triggered motorized screen rolling down

Unify Sound and Action

Perforated black border optional. Audio waves coming from your speakers can easily pass through, making for a surround sound acoustically transparent screen and the best image resolution you've ever seen.


Syncs with your projector's Power. Allows you to lose your remote and let the projector take over the automation


*upon request.

SCREENPRO ALR screen features description


Simple angular appearance without too many line modifications, easy to clean

SCREENPRO ALR screen features description

More Option

Withstanding screen structure gives you more diversity in home decor and automation.

SCREENPRO ALR screen features description

Stand Out, Fit In

A new way to open your private home theater.

Say NO to a messy wiring outlet on your ceiling, or have long runs of HDMI cables from your sources to the projector.

with self-standing structure, allows your screen to stand freely, but also the screen can be hidden in the cabinet without even noticing

SCREENPRO projector screen material sample

Are you looking for a screen material sample(A4 size) to test on?

At SCREENPRO we discover and produce a wide range of premium materials for you to choose from, to respond to different application sites and projection environments. 
Go ahead and project on a fabric sample first, if you have any questions we are here to help.


SCREENPRO projector screen tensions adjustment

We Care, So You Don't Have To

We send packages overseas, making sure to securely wrap your screen to avoid it being damaged. The inner layer of the carton package is pearl cotton and foam board buffer layer. Customized solid wood outer frame to ensure that the product is delivered to your home in good condition.
You can chill and relax waiting for it to show up at your door. 




At SCREENPRO, we're proud of our wide selection of high-quality projection screens. To help you quickly find the right screen model with the right technical capabilities for your Home Theater project, please refer to the chart below. 

Top Bottom (L/R)
D WxH B1 B2 A L B L1xW1xH1 Kg Lbs  
16:9 92˝ 2037x1145 35 400 55 2272 1578 2360x230x180 29 64  
100˝ 2214x1245 35 400 55 2449 1680 2520x230x180 32 70  
110˝ 2435x1370 35 400 55 2670 1805 2730x230x180 34 75  
120˝ 2656x1494 35 400 55 2891 1929 2960x230x180 37 81  
135˝ 2988x1681 35 350 55 3223 2066 3300x230x180 40 88  
150˝ 3320x1868 35 300 55 3555 2203 3630x230x180 44 97  




What is Ambient Light Reflection Fabric ?

8K is a new kind of anti-light photoelectric composite material used for projection. It is made by adding NANO photoelectric reflective material uniformly into PVC and through a series of special processes. It has high gain, large field Angle, high flatness, good anti-light performance, 3D sense of the picture, more exquisite picture quality, better contrast, more vivid colors, and also has good anti-ultraviolet light characteristics. It’s a collection of traditional fabric in the advantages of a high-tech materials. Matching with 4K and 8K projectors, it can present an incomparable wonderful projection effect, bring the audience a gorgeous color horizon, and let the audience fully enjoy the visual feast brought by high-quality and clear pictures.













1.The flame proof is judged according to the safety level of France NF P92-507.

2.A-Washing refers to cleaning the screen surface with a mixture of ethanol  (7%) and ether (3%).

B-Wash with kitchen detergent and water. ( Attention: All screen surfaces should not be cleaned with acidic detergent )

Cleaning steps:

1. For general dust, use a soft brush to clean the screen surface.

2. Please use a soft cloth to dip with mild soapy liquid or neutral detergent.

3. Rough object or cloth may damage the screen surface.

4. Screen surface has optical textures, please wipe the horizontal direction when cleaning the fabric; do not wipeitvertical direction or revolve.

5. Please keep the screen dry.


- Avoid sharp objects from directly touching the screen surface to avoid puncturing or scratching the screen surface.

- Do not use acetone, benzene, alcohol, etc. to clean the screen with organic solvents, which will cause permanentdamage to the screen.

- Avoid scratching the screen surface.


7mm Frame ALR Screen For Long Throw Projector - LZ
7mm Frame ALR Screen For Long Throw Projector - LZ
7mm Frame ALR Screen For Long Throw Projector - LZ

Can I buy a small screen material sample?

Yes, you can buy a screen material sample by clicking Yes, you can buy a screen material sample by clicking HERE.

How many types of projection screens do you produce?

Our factory mainly produces motorized projection screen, tensioned projection screen, fixed frame screen, folding screen, big size projection screen, etc. HERE.

Can I customize the size?

Yes, the size can be customized from 60 inches to 500 inches plus. HERE.

Do all types of projection screens have a warranty&How long do you offer for after-sales services?

12 months, for all types of the projection screen and we do provide lifetime maintenance, but you bear all cost.quipment, we will give you the right plug. HERE.

What's your shipping way?

Usually, we ship by DHL in HK, but considering the inconsistent shipping fee in different countries, we will ship byFedEx, UPS, TNT, etc...

Airline and Ocean transportation; You can choose the shipping way you prefer. HERE.


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