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Self-Rising ALR Screen - LD

Self-Rising ALR Screen - LD

Tensioned Screen For Normal Throw Projectors Featured With Ambient Light Rejection

Motorized ALR Screen - LJ

Motorized ALR Screen - LJ

Motorized Series For Long/Normal Throw Projectors

7mm Frame ALR Screen For Long Throw Projector - LZ

7mm Frame ALR Screen For Long Throw Projector - LZ

Thin Bezel Frame ALR Screen for Normal Throw Projectors

Fixed Frame ALR Screen For Long Throw Projector - LP

Fixed Frame ALR Screen For Long Throw Projector - LP

The Best in Class Ambient Light Rejecting Screen - exclusively from Screenpro


What is Standard-throw vs. Short-throw?

The throw distance is the key reason why they divided projectors into different groups. Stadard-throw (long-throw) projectors have a throw ratio greater than 1, for a 150” (16:9) image footprint, it would need to sit180-inches — 15-feet from the screen. Short-throw projectors can create the same sized image from less than half that distance, and UST projectors (throw ratio less than 0.4) will put up the same sized image in a matter of inches, perfect for square footage challenged homes.

The Benefits of ALR technology

Ambient Lights affect the image quality and show glare on your screen? ALR (ambient light rejecting) technology is suitable when you have some control of the lighting in the room during the day, it delivers exceptionally clear images even in brightly lit surroundings.

What is Motorized Screens vs. Fixed Frame?

Have limited space? Wants to keep the TV unit along with the party mode at the same time? A Motorized screen is your best choice. Looking to make the screen the highlight of the room? Our Fixed Frame screens deliver the giant borderless image you desire.

Going Up or Down?

There are 2 common screen types: floor mounted rising up screen vs. ceiling-mounted drop-down screen, your choice of screen surface rises out of a floor-mounted enclosure or roll up from the ceiling.

Figure Out Your Materials Options

SCREENPRO T-Prism Premium Ambient Light-Rejecting technology (for laser projection) is superb, but you might consider an Acoustic Transparency or White screen as well

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Select the Right Screen Size for Your Space

You can use your Screen Size Calculator to find out which ratio/size is more suitable for your projector and room.


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