7mm Frame Acoustic Transparency Screen - FZ
7mm Frame Acoustic Transparency Screen - FZ
7mm Frame Acoustic Transparency Screen - FZ
7mm Frame Acoustic Transparency Screen - FZ
7mm Frame Acoustic Transparency Screen - FZ
7mm Frame Acoustic Transparency Screen - FZ

7mm Frame Acoustic Transparency Screen - FZ

Micro-Perforated With Ambient Light Rejecting Featured Screen

【For Long-focus/Normal-throw Laser Projectors】

  • Supported more screen options and a variety of material choices: ALR/Matte White/ Micro-Perforated Acoustically Transparent / Woven Acoustic Transparent 
  • Available in standard diagonals up to 250” in 16:9 as well as multiple other aspect ratios
  • Unique fabric tension design
  • Uncompromised image and sound quality
  • No moiré effect - ideal for use with 4K UHD projectors
  • The dual aluminium frame ensures structural rigidity 
  • The 7 mm ultra-thin bezel can be customized nearly any option imaginable
  • Add-on option: LED backlight kit



Long-throw ALR



How to Merge Video and Audio

Placing the speakers behind the screen can be tricky. Our acoustic perforated screen is designed to solve this problem. The almost invisible micro-perforations are incorporated into the material so that you can place the speaker directly behind the screen with almost zero audio quality loss. This provides a more immersive viewing experience because the sound seems to come directly from the image.

Designed For The Best Of Both Worlds

8K ALR perforated offers the same exceptional video projection capabilities as the top-of-the-line 8K ALR, with micro-perforations for acoustic transparency.

Use a lightproof screen that does not affect the image quality to achieve true high-definition, rain, or shine. Tiny micro-perforations allow sound to pass through without reducing pixel projection capabilities: colors and shadows appear exactly as expected, making the most of your 1080p and 4K projectors. Even with the lights on, every detail is clear and sharp!

Anti-light Technology All In One Screen

We have designed the iconic ALR material with multiple layers to provide you with the best optical light suppression capability on the market. With the additive backing that blocks light from exiting the screen; high-reflectivity screen substrate, reflective nanoparticles
Handle and smooth the optical layer. All the components of your screen ensure that excess light is reflected while enhancing and brightening your content.

“See” What You Are Hearing

The micro-perforations are so small they are nearly unnoticeable to the naked eye, and completely invisible when your projector is on.  Audio waves coming from your speakers can easily pass through, making for an acoustically transparent screen and the best image resolution you’ve ever seen.
This means you don’t have to compromise with the image or sound. Aurora ambient light rejection uses nanoparticles embedded in the screen surface to reflect ambient light toward the source and away from the audience.

Darkness Has Never Been So Bright

In the past, even the smallest light often meant that the display faded. no longer. Our iconic ambient light suppression screen guarantees enhanced color saturation even in bright rooms. After years of research, we have developed a screen that can reject off-axis light sources and enhance color contrast and intensity. This means you will enjoy more vivid images with bright colors.

Hassle-free Installation

Double-layer frame structure, makes borderless installation possible. We strive for the best craftsmanship in each hand-built screen that we make.



At One With Your Wall

The incredibly slim profile allows the screen to hang onto your wall like a work of art, enhancing your home interior and adding elegance to your space. Double-layer frame structure, makes borderless installation possible

SCREENPRO projector screen material sample

Looking for a screen

material sample

(A4 size) to try on? 

SCREENPRO projector screen tensions adjustment

We Care, So You Don't Have To

We send packages overseas, making sure to securely wrap your screen to avoid it being damaged. The inner layer of the carton package is pearl cotton and foam board buffer layer. Customized solid wood outer frame to ensure that the product is delivered to your home in good condition.
You can chill and relax waiting for it to show up at your door. 



At SCREENPRO, we’re proud of our wide selection of high-quality projection screens. To help you quickly find the right screen model with the right technical capabilities for your Home Theater project, please refer to the chart below. 

Don’t see the exact size you need? We also offer custom orders!


SCREENPRO Fixed Frame Screen- Ultra Thin       Unit: mm  
  D WxH L B T W1xH1xL1 Kg  
16:9 100” 2213x1245 2229 1260 540 270x140x1385 14.0 70mm内框
106” 2346x1319 2361 1335 577 270x140x1459 14.7
110” 2434x1369 2450 1385 602 270x140x1509 15.3
120” 2656x1494 2671 1509 665 270x140x1635 16.4
135” 2988x1680 3003 1696 745 270x140x1825 23.4 83mm内框
150” 3320x1867 3335 1883 838 270x140x2010 26.1
160” 3541x1992 3557 2007 932 270x140x2135 28.9
180” 3984x2241 3999 2256 1025 270x140x2385 31.7
200” 4427x2490 4442 2505 1150 270x140x2630 35.5
220” 4869x2739 4885 2754 1274 270x140x2885 39.5
250” 5534x3112 5549 3128 1460 270x140x3260 45.7
300” 6640x3735 6656 3750 1772 270x140x3880 56.5
16:10 100” 2153x1346 2169 1361 590 270x140x1490 14.4 70mm内框
106” 2283x1426 2298 1442 630 270x140x1570 15.2
110” 2369x1480 2384 1496 658 270x140x1625 15.8
120” 2584x1615 2600 1630 725 270x140x1760 17.2
135” 2907x1817 2923 1832 826 270x140x1960 24.2 83mm内框
150” 3230x2019 3246 2034 927 270x140x2165 27.0
160” 3446x2153 3461 2169 995 270x140x2300 28.9
180” 3877x2423 3892 2438 1130 270x140x2570 32.7
200” 4307x2692 4323 2707 1265 270x140x2840 36.7
220” 4738x2961 4754 2977 1398 270x140x3105 40.8
250” 5384x3365 5400 3381 1600 270x140x3510 47.2
300” 6461x4038 6477 4054 1937 270x140x4185 58.5
2.35:1 100” 2337x994 2352 1010 415 270x140x1315 13.6 70mm内框
106” 2477x1054 2493 1069 445 270x140x1385 14.3
119” 2781x1183 2796 1199 510 270x140x1535 16.0
126” 2945x1253 2960 1268 545 270x140x1620 16.9
135” 3155x1342 3170 1358 590 270x140x1725 22.5 83mm内框
150” 3505x1491 3521 1507 663 270x140x1900 24.4
165” 3856x1641 3872 1656 738 270x140x2075 26.9
180” 4207x1790 4222 1805 813 270x140x2250 29.5
200” 4674x1989 4690 2004 912 270x140x2485 33.0
250” 5843x2486 5858 2501 1160 270x140x3065 42.2
300” 7011x2983 7027 2999 1410 270x140x3650 52.0
350” 8180x3481 8196 3496 1658 270x140x4240 62.5





More Screen Material Options In This Series





Gain | Viewing angle | Resolution 

 1.0              156°                   4K    

 Learn more » 





Gain | Viewing angle | Diameter         

0.95           165°             ∅0.2mm     

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Gain | ALR | Viewing angle 

1.1      70%           160

Learn more »





Gain | ALR |Viewing angle

 1.1         90%        140° 

Learn more »




Gain | ALR | Resolution

1.0       90%           4K

   Learn more »



7mm Frame Acoustic Transparency Screen - FZ
7mm Frame Acoustic Transparency Screen - FZ
7mm Frame Acoustic Transparency Screen - FZ
Bezel Size
Color Options
Available Sizes
LED Backlight Kit
Wall Mount
Wall Mount
Wall Mount

Can I buy a small screen material sample?

Yes, you can buy a screen material sample by clicking Yes, you can buy a screen material sample by clicking HERE.

How many types of projection screens do you produce?

Our factory mainly produces motorized projection screen, tensioned projection screen, fixed frame screen, folding screen, big size projection screen, etc. HERE.

Can I customize the size?

Yes, the size can be customized from 60 inches to 500 inches plus. HERE.

Do all types of projection screens have a warranty&How long do you offer for after-sales services?

12 months, for all types of the projection screen and we do provide lifetime maintenance, but you bear all cost.quipment, we will give you the right plug. HERE.

What's your shipping way?

Usually, we ship by DHL in HK, but considering the inconsistent shipping fee in different countries, we will ship byFedEx, UPS, TNT, etc...

Airline and Ocean transportation; You can choose the shipping way you prefer. HERE.


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