Motorized ALR Screen - AJ
Motorized ALR Screen - AJ
Motorized ALR Screen - AJ
Motorized ALR Screen - AJ
Motorized ALR Screen - AJ
Motorized ALR Screen - AJ

Motorized ALR Screen - AJ

Tab-Tensioned Electric ALR Screen for Ultra Short Throw Projectors

[Tab-tensioned motorized ALR screen series]

  • Flagship model
  • T-Prism optical material technic geared toward with the UST projector ceiling mount (upon required)
  • Deliver exceptionally clear images even in brightly lit surroundings
  • Low noise retraction
  • Rechargeable RF remote control operation
  • For on-wall, suspending, or ceiling installation
  • Multiple control methods, support external 3rd party
  • Screen size up to a seamless 150-inch (130.7" x 73.5") image in 16:9


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SCREENPRO 150 inches motorized screen 

SCREENPRO ALR screen features description

Motorized Laser TV Screen

T-Prism is a front projection fabric for environments with high ambient light (up to 150″ seamless) geared toward ultra-short-throw projectors.

Prefer to keep your TV in your living room? No extra room in your apartment? The motorized screen is the one you are looking for.UST projectors are also referred to as Laser TV, it requires a suitable projection screen to display the image, laser projector's light so strong that if you accidentally directly look at them just for a second, your eyes will recover for a while.



An UST projector placed under the SCREENPRO projector screen

Where Flat-Panel Can’t Go 

Before laser TV projectors came out, our options were limited to a flat-screen TV that topped out at 80 inches or a home theater projector in a dedicated dark room with lots of space to display such a large image. Now your favorite theater is in your very home. Up to 150-inch for a cinematic experience catered to your living space.



An UST ceiling projector placed in front of the SCREENPRO projector screen

Rollable Design for Home Theater

No more messy wires or obstructed views. Unlike traditional projectors, UST(ultra-short-throw) projector provides a new private theater experience. T-Prism material support ceiling projection, which can be deployed in places where a rigid TV cannot.

*support the UST projector ceiling mount installation (upon required)


A wide-angle showing SCREENPRO projector screen

The World’s Large Laser Projector Screen 

Introducing the SCREENPRO® JAMPO, an ultra-short-throw projector  TV screen. With a nearly perfect viewing angle of 178 degrees and a big size range, the SCREENPRO T-Prism ALR screen is capable of being viewed from extreme off-axis positions even during daytime with ambient light. Customers can enjoy dynamic, colourful media without losing valuable wall space by its rollable design.



SCREENPRO tab motorized projector screen in 2 colors

Simple and Elegant

Seamless casing designed by Chinese and European engineers co-team. Glorious white/black paint process, fully enclosed lower bar (*L series) which has the function of dust prevention. Rear/top ceiling and wall sliding rail mounting system provide flexibility of installation options.

SCREENPRO projector screen rechargeable remote

R8 Control Systems

SCREENPRO® R&D R8 control system, with rechargeable micro-B port remote control, built-in low-power, high-performance, long-distance 868MHz wireless data transmission module, easy to operate. (Crestron control system compatible)

SCREENPRO projector screen tensions adjustment


If the image detail is important, a perfectly flat projection area is vital. Screen flatness affects the resolution in your projection. The tab-tensioning system will keep the projection surface under constant tension for a perfectly flat viewing area. A flat projection surface will get the most out of your projector, making sure no pixels get lost or deformed. 

SCREENPRO projector screen tensions adjustment


Maybe your furniture or the ceiling height has limited your screen's overall height. SCREENPRO® projection screen allows you to adjust the black border setting after leaving the factory.

SCREENPRO projector screen material sample

Looking for a screen

material sample

(A4 size) to try on? 

Projector triggered motorized screen rolling down

Say Goodbye To Remote Control

Sync your projector(sync-trigger), and make your home smart the way you like. A small universal device that can synchronize your projector on and off along with the screen surface going down and up. No need to consider with or without the trigger port.

*Synchronizer only works for the SCREENPRO® motorized screen series 



SCREENPRO projector screen tensions adjustment

We Care, So You Don't Have To

We send packages overseas, making sure securely wrap your screen to avoid it being damaged. The inner layer of the carton package is pearl cotton and foam board buffer layer. Customized solid wood outer frame to ensure that the product is delivered to your home in good condition.
You can chill and relax waiting for it to show up at your door. 



At SCREENPRO, we’re proud of our wide selection of high-quality projection screens. To help you quickly find the right screen model with the right technical capabilities for your Home Theater project, please refer to the chart below. 

SIZE <Unit:mm>



(WxH)mm Top(B1)mm L(mm) B(mm) W1xH1xL1(mm) Kgs Lbs
16:9 92" 2032x1143 400 2496 1744 170x220x2579 21.08 46.47 Jampo
100" 2214x1245 400 2678 1846 170x220x2761 22.30 49.16
110" 2435x1370 400 2899 1971 170x220x2982 23.60 52.03
120" 2657x1495 400 3121 2096 170x220x3204 25.00 55.12
135" 2988x1680  400 3452 2281 170x220x3535 42.17 92.97
150" 3320x1868 400 3857 2538 235x235x4177 46.10 101.63 Jampo L
16:10 92" 1982x1239 400 2446 1840 170x220x2529 19.90 43.87 Jampo 
100" 2154x1346 400 2618 1947 170x220x2701 21.75 47.95
110" 2370x1480 400 2834 2081 170x220x2917 23.40 51.59
120" 2585x1616 400 3049 2217 170x220x3132 25.00 55.12
135" 2908x1817  400 3372 2418 170x220x3455 41.45 91.38
140" 3010x1890 400 3385 2560 235x235x3867 45.37 100.02 Jampo L





What is T-Prism?

SCREENPRO® T-Prism is an anti-light feature material, using a special trapezoidal optical physical structure, automatically separates the natural light and ultra-short-focus projector light, and absorbs ambient light on the light-absorbing surface by about 86% to achieve the ambient light rejection function. Using the multi-layer directional coating technology of the reflective surface, the projection screen contrast, color reproduction, gain ratio, and angle of view are optimally combined, and nearly 85% of the projector's light is reflected by the human eye so that the viewer can view it under natural light.
Watching the effect in a day and night environment, even in bright living rooms, it still presents 4K Ultra HD.




T-Prism Screen 4 Advantage







Ambient Light Rejection screen (ALR) is a screen that selectively reflects light back to the audience, unlike most common screens reflect the incoming light uniformly in all directions.








1.The flame proof is judged according to the safety level of France NF P92-507.

2.A-Washing refers to cleaning the screen surface with a mixture of ethanol  (7%) and ether (3%).

B-Wash with kitchen detergent and water. ( Attention: All screen surfaces should not be cleaned with acidic detergent )

Cleaning steps:

1. For general dust, use a soft brush to clean the screen surface.

2. Please use a soft cloth to dip with mild soapy liquid or neutral detergent.

3. Rough object or cloth may damage the screen surface.

4. Screen surface has optical textures, please wipe the horizontal direction when cleaning the fabric; do not wipeitvertical direction or revolve.

5. Please keep the screen dry.


- Avoid sharp objects from directly touching the screen surface to avoid puncturing or scratching the screen surface.

- Do not use acetone, benzene, alcohol, etc. to clean the screen with organic solvents, which will cause permanentdamage to the screen.

- Avoid scratching the screen surface.


Motorized ALR Screen - AJ
Motorized ALR Screen - AJ
Motorized ALR Screen - AJ
Home Theater, Conference room etc.
Home Theater, Conference room etc.
Home Theater, Conference room etc.
Suspending | Wall Mount | Ceiling Mount
Suspending | Wall Mount | Ceiling Mount
Suspending | Wall Mount | Ceiling Mount
Ceiling Projection
Limit Adjustment
Expansion Port
RS485/RS232、DC AMX
RS485/RS232、DC AMX
RS485/RS232、DC AMX
Low Voltage Trigger
Control Options
868MHz RF remote
868MHz RF remote
868MHz RF remote
E-Limit Tubular Motor
E-Limit Tubular Motor
E-Limit Tubular Motor
Available Sizes
Color Options
White | Black
White | Black
White | Black

Can I buy a small screen material sample?

Yes, you can buy a screen material sample by clicking Yes, you can buy a screen material sample by clicking HERE.

How many types of projection screens do you produce?

Our factory mainly produces motorized projection screen, tensioned projection screen, fixed frame screen, folding screen, big size projection screen, etc. HERE.

Can I customize the size?

Yes, the size can be customized from 60 inches to 500 inches plus. HERE.

Do all types of projection screens have a warranty&How long do you offer for after-sales services?

12 months, for all types of the projection screen and we do provide lifetime maintenance, but you bear all cost.quipment, we will give you the right plug. HERE.

What's your shipping way?

Usually, we ship by DHL in HK, but considering the inconsistent shipping fee in different countries, we will ship byFedEx, UPS, TNT, etc...

Airline and Ocean transportation; You can choose the shipping way you prefer. HERE.


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