T-Prism Ambient Light Rejecting(ALR) For Ultra Short Throw (UST)
T-Prism Ambient Light Rejecting(ALR) For Ultra Short Throw (UST)

T-Prism Ambient Light Rejecting(ALR) For Ultra Short Throw (UST)

Material Code: SP fabric

[flexible ALR featured screen fabric for ultra/short throw projectors]

  • Applicable Products: Motorized tensioned ALR Screen; Motorized Floor Rising ALR Screen; Special In-Ceiling tensioned ALR Screen; Framed ALR Screen
  • Applicable Environment: Use in Complex Environment Lighting (500Lx) environment (sunlight accompanied by indoor light, spotlight, etc.)
  • Matched Projector: short throw and Ultra Short Throw (UST) projector (Throw Ratio < 1.0)
  • Applicable Places: High-end home Theater, bright environment
  • Maximum Width: 1900mm (74.8 ")


SCREEN MATERIALS Applicable Products


What is T-Prism?

SCREENPRO® T-Prism is an anti-light feature material, using a special trapezoidal optical physical structure, automatically separates the natural light and ultra-short-focus projector light, and absorbs ambient light on the light-absorbing surface by about 86% to achieve the ambient light rejection function. Using the multi-layer directional coating technology of the reflective surface, the projection screen contrast, color reproduction, gain ratio, and angle of view are optimally combined, and nearly 85% of the projector's light is reflected by the human eye so that the viewer can view it under natural light.
Watching the effect in a day and night environment, even in bright living rooms, it still presents 4K Ultra HD.




T-Prism Screen 4 Advantage






1. The flameproof is judged according to the safety level of France NF P92-507.

2. A-Washing refers to cleaning the screen surface with a mixture of ethanol  (7%) and ether (3%).

B-Wash with kitchen detergent and water. ( Attention: All screen surfaces should not be cleaned with acidic detergent )

Cleaning steps:

1. For general dust, use a soft brush to clean the screen surface.

2. Please use a soft cloth to dip with mild soapy liquid or neutral detergent.

3. Rough objects or cloth may damage the screen surface.

4. Screen surface has optical textures, please wipe the horizontal direction when cleaning the fabric; do not wipe it vertical direction or revolve.

5. Please keep the screen dry.


- Avoid sharp objects from directly touching the screen surface to avoid puncturing or scratching the screen surface.

- Do not use acetone, benzene, alcohol, etc. to clean the screen with organic solvents, which will cause permanent damage to the screen.

- Avoid scratching the screen surface.


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Available In


Here you will find quick links to all compatible SCREENPRO screen series.                                                                                                   

Tab-Tensioned Motorized Screen - AJ 

》In-ceiling Motorized Screen - AR

Tab-Tensioned Motorized Screen - AB 

Motorized Floor Rising Screen - AD

7mm Frame Screen - AZ

Rigid Screen - AY




〉Can I choose a T-Prism fabric for my Quick-Fold Screen?

SCREENPRO: Sadly, it can not match with the quick fold series.
UST fabric is quite "fragile"(once it's damaged will be irreversible). T-Prism fabric can not be folded(all the ALR for UST projector material can't), the fabric structure is textured, thus if a crease is created, that part will become a "dark spot" on the viewing area.

〉Can I test a sample fabric first?

SCREENPRO: Yes, you can go to the online shop HERE.

〉About your wall/ceiling tensioned screens. Can the user adjust the motor stop in order to make the screen automatically stop higher than all the way down?
SCREENPRO: Yes, the screen adjustment system allows the user to adjust the border/surface height and remember it based on their specific environment.




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