Matte White

Matte White

Material Code: MW fabric

  • Applicable Products:Tab Tension Screen(TB、TJ) , In-ceiling Screen (TR) , Quick fold screen(Q series), Fixed frame screen( FP , FZ , FC),
  • Applicable Places: Commercial, education, high-end cinema, home theater, conference, KTV, etc.
  • Matched Projector:  long throw projector
  • Maximum Width:3200mm(126 ")



What is Matte White?

MW is formed by the compounding of two kinds of benign PVC. Black PVC is mainly used for light resistance (to prevent light transmission). The surface of white PVC is compressed into special lines with a good diffuse reflection effect. Both white PVC and black PVC have good ductility, resilience, weather resistance, flame retardant, moisture resistance, mildew resistance, ultraviolet light resistance, electrostatic resistance, environmental protection, and other physical properties. It has the advantages of strong colour reduction, a large field of view, and the high smoothness of the screen.







1.The flameproof is judged according to the safety level of France NF P92-507.

2.A-Washing refers to cleaning the screen surface with a mixture of ethanol  (7%) and ether (3%).

B-Wash with kitchen detergent and water. ( Attention: All screen surfaces should not be cleaned with acidic detergent )

Cleaning steps:

1. For general dust, use a soft brush to clean the screen surface.

2. Please use a soft cloth to dip with mild soapy liquid or neutral detergent.

3. Rough objects or cloth may damage the screen surface.

4. Screen surface has optical textures, please wipe the horizontal direction when cleaning the fabric; do not wipeit vertical direction or revolve.

5. Please keep the screen dry.


- Avoid sharp objects from directly touching the screen surface to avoid puncturing or scratching the screen surface.

- Do not use acetone, benzene, alcohol, etc. to clean the screen with organic solvents, which will cause permanent damage to the screen.

- Avoid scratching the screen surface.


Max Width 3937″
Max Viewing Height 197″
Resolution 4K
Gain 1.0
Ambient Light Resistance 0%
Half Gain 78°
Minimum Throw 1.5 x Image Width
Projection Type Front Only
Flexible Yes

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