How Do ALR Screens Work?


What is Ambient Light? And How Do Light Rejecting Screens Work?


What is Ambient Light?


Broadly, ambient light is some atmospheric lighting that originates from an indirect source of luminance that can be inside, outside, naturally, or artificially occurring. Basically, it’s any light source other than your projector that threatens to wash out your image or otherwise impair its visual aesthetics. This includes but is not limited to, light coming through windows and skylights from outside, track lighting, in-wall/ceiling lights, lamps, candles, fireplaces, etc.

Why Do You Need One?


SCREENPRO T-Prism Click HERE projector screen materials are specially designed for the presence of overhead light sources commonly encountered in residential and commercial environments. This type is also specifically geared toward UST (ultra-short-throw) projectors.

In a Normal-throw projector version, fabric provides ambient light conditions for previously unprecedented contrast, black level, brightness, and vivid colors. Click HERE

ALR screens offer the opportunity for impactful images without a huge impact on projected image quality.

* (SUPPORT Ceiling Mounted UST projector under special request)


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