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What Is The Best Projector Screen for Outdoor Use?


Projector Screens For Outdoor Use

As for what the outdoor screen should look like, everyone has their own answer. Whether it is a tripod, LED, or folding, it is correct. As a professional projection screen manufacturer, we much prefer a more sturdy and wallet-friendly choice: quick-folded and plus has multi-purpose, flexible enough use on different occasions.
SCREENPRO outdoor quick-fold projection screen can customize any size from backyard movie night to large venue screen plans.

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What Would You Recommend?


You should consider 3 main conditions:

1. About Material/Fabric
- Do you prefer anti-light? Or standard white?  (Lightroom? Darkroom?)

Projection screen materials not only affect the image. But also have the purpose of makeup for the brightness of the projector. When you under theater lighting (lights out/drape closed)you should be looking for a High Grain white fabric (also when you own a lower lumen projector) which all the light sources as much as your projector can.

2. About Screen Size
- Is your projector a long focal length? Or it's a short-throw projector? (PROJECTOR PLACEMENT) What's the distance between the screen location and the seats?

For normal throw projectors, the focal length affects the image size on your screen, but the Ultra Short Throw Projector displays an image on a 10-foot screen the projector needs to be 4 feet from the screen.

3. About Installation
-Do you wish it to be electric or framed?

If you have an open space, we recommend that you use a screen that can be rolled back or put away because it is easier to maintain. If you are planning to install a movie theater in your basement or spared room


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